Good Girl Bad Girl Pokie Review

It’s not every day we come across a pokie that comes complete with a moral conundrum! However this is exactly what is at the heart of the brilliantly entertaining Good Girl Bad Girl Pokie. Players need to choose between betting with the Good Girl (more regular but lower value wins) or alternatively the Bad Girl (less frequent but higher value wins). There is also the option of taking up both sides of this ethical compass at once – but be warned it costs twice as much per turn! Just like in real life players can switch between Good and Bad at each spin too.

Overall this simple feature really makes this pokie stand out from the crowd, and is widely regarded as one of the best games ever seen on the Betware platform. Quite rightly so because it is a great example of a very well polished, amusing and above all exciting game that oozes class. Here’s a breakdown of the key features of the Good Girl Bad Girl Pokie.

Plenty Of Play Features

At heart this is a 15 payline pokie that allows plenty of room for finding a winning route. Switching between Good and Bad Girl is really straightforward and controlled by a dial in the middle of the control bar. Bear in mind that when both are selected this essentially becomes a 30 line pokie (at twice the price per spin).

The difference between Good and Bad Girl is really noticeable, especially when playing for the maximum number of coins. While Good Girl does tend to win pretty often, the amounts earned are usually pretty modest apart from when hitting a very lucky and lucrative top scoring line. On the other hand Bad Girl is pretty unlucky but on one spin during our testing session she hit a staggering 3200 coin win – something Good Girl would be very unlikely to match!

It’s nice to see that the difference is so noticeable – it would have been very easy for the developers just to have included this idea as a gimmick that made little difference. Fact is that it seriously affects game strategy, with smaller bets being better with Bad Girl while Good Girl needs to be trusted with a lot more coins to generate good wins. After any win players have the option of ‘doubling up’ – basically a coin toss that will either double or destroy the sum just won.

Very High Quality Presentation

The player gets to enjoy two lively 3D avatars representing the angelic Good Girl and the devilish Bad Girl, both of who cheer and cackle with every win. The numerous smartly themed icons are also very interactive, spinning around in a cartoon fashion every time they land in a smart combination. The sounds effects and subtle background tune also add to to the ferocious excitement that this game is able to generate. Even though this isn’t an especially recent release it’s well on par with the very latest pokies.

Exciting Side Games

Landing on the bonus feature (Halo or Pitchfork) unlocks one of two side games depending on which side you are playing on (you can choose if playing as both). Halo is a straightforward, edge of the seat choice between four boxes. These offer one of small, medium or large wins – or closes the feature. Pitchfork opens up a money wheel that offers the slight chance of landing on progressive jackpots leading to potentially enormous winnings. Guess it pays to play bad once in a while!

Handy Extra Features

Included on the control panel are all the betting options one would expect from a modern game. Bets can naturally be changed with each spin and the game can also be conveniently set to auto play for those in a rush. There’s also a ‘max bet’ button for those in the mood to throw caution to the wind.


Good Girl Bad Girl could easily have ended up being over complicated and gimmicky, yet the truth is that it’s incredibly easy and exciting to play. The RTP is 97.8% but obviously the regularity and size of wins will vary considerably depending upon which side the player chooses to back.

Overall there’s really nothing not to like about this game – and therefore it is highly recommended anyone in the mood for something a little different checks it out

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