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Rhyme roles – Georgie Porgie

Rhyming Reels Georgie Porgie Video Slot gives you a great chance to be doubly amused: You can laugh at the funny pictures on your screen and grin at the chance to fatten your wallet! This brand new Australian style video slot from Microgaming offers 5 x 3 reels and 15 paylines on which you place your bet. With a maximum bet of 150 coins per spin, and some impressive multipliers, the chance to win up 375.000.00 you stand!

The story behind the spin is as comedic as you would expect including a video slot with the rhyme Reels series. An obese and unpopular boy steals a kiss from a popular girl, so she burst into tears. A distressed pair of girls soon do what all girls in need would be, not long before our Georgie runs away to escape the wrath of the Scots. The only remaining question is … Who ate the pudding?

On a more serious note, the George Porgie Video Slot really offers a lot to its players. While there are no complicated bonuses included, the game of the peculiarities provide an easy way to increase the payout amounts: multipliers abound.

Wild symbols pack a 5X multiplier, which is a 25-point multiplication, when activated during a free spin round. To activate free spins, but the players, 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols must land on the reels. (Note that more scatter symbols mean more free spins -. 15, 20 and 25)

In addition Gamble feature an exciting venture – you’ll double your winnings for a chance or even quadruple to risk it? Make the right choice of a color or a card suit and sweeten your payline win!

All this goodness multiplication is tailored to both new and experienced players alike, and there is no doubt that George Porgie will be a popular addition to many reputable online casinos.