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Top new slots online for Christmas: Keep your eye out

Top new slots online for Christmas: Keep your eye out for the Secret Santa!

Owners and players of the top Microgaming casinos are excited about the upcoming holiday season in December this year, because while the real Santa Claus will put in an appearance on the 25th of the month may be elves long before then in many top dissemination of his goodness Microgaming casinos.

This brand new slot is designed on the festive theme and was presented by a variety of Christmas symbols including cookies, turkey, Christmas pudding, brought a roaring fire and of course the happy face of Santa Claus himself to life.

But unlike some cheesy payments, this is a slot that will stand on its own feet as it offers players a variety of functions.

The American-style slot has 5 reels 4 offers incredible 1024 paylines on each spin. You can bet up to 500 coins per spin, which makes it ideal for those with a smaller bankroll and those who want to play for big money.

And it certainly is big money to keep up with the base game offers a maximum payout be gained, however, you have to perform one of the randomly activated bonus features, then you could win up to a staggering 2,300,000 coins!

That’s a big jackpot for one of the available slots online!

There is an incredible seven different bonus features: Wild roles (the wild 3 reel rotates) Dashing Wilds, Rolling Reels, Scatter Spree, Mystery Multiplier (with wins by 5x or 10x your base win) and many more.

Hit five of a kind on each spin and your winnings will be further enhanced by the rollers automatically spiders in another five of a kind Award! Two wins for a spin!

So in the festive season, why would you want another slot to play? With a fantastic soundtrack, great graphics and Santa ceremony his gifts to players all over the world, why not see if Wichteln you can leave with a nice big money gift this December!