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Travel back in time to 1991 and experience an epic

Travel back in time to 1991 and experience an epic battle in Brand New Terminator 2 Online Slot

The original Terminator 2 film was one of the most important and expensive films ever made and it was a critical and financial success. Tells the story of the perfect killing machine (T-1000) sent back in time to the leader of the human resistance to killing, captivated the audience explosive story as a T-100 and T-800 in a bitter battle for the survival of humanity.

Now over 20 years later, one of the most anticipated new slots for many, a annual event for casinos in June, when the Terminator 2 online slot from Microgaming.

The game features 5 x 3 rolls with 243 paylines in the base game. While the base game, certain combinations iconic clips from the movie and all the main characters from the movie can trigger, Sarah and John Connor, the T-1000 and of course the T-800 are available.

A randomly triggered function is T-800 vision, a dream realized addition, the looks that seen by the T-800 Terminator characters in both the original and the sequel to change the display. This iconic cinematic moment is beautifully realized, and if in this section, players can puzzle cash prizes for all high-symbols on the reels and also to win out and landed a single scatter symbol at this point will trigger the Free Spins area.

During the free spins the T-1000 on the screen in a number of different symbols, which provides the user with the highest combination on the reels turn increase your profits.

In Free spins, the arrangement of the coils changes from 5 x 3 to 5 4 at which the possibilities to win up to 1024 and in which you. More chances of winning combination