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Wealth and rewards lie in wait for the brave knights

Wealth and rewards lie in wait for the brave knights who join the quest to Avalon II Video Slot

One of the great things about being a knight in the Middle Ages was that quests often involved dragons, maidens in distress and to unlock treasure chests abundant and remove.

While the brand new Avalon II slot can not either of the latter more than makes up for it in the huge cash rewards for potential Knights of slot machines available!

Based on the legendary King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, the game focuses on you joining them in their search for the legendary Holy Grail.

This is no ordinary task; both Monty Python and Indiana Jones before you tried and failed to bring the Grail home. The fantastic new Avalon II slot gives you the possibility, however, go one better!

If the old wrinkled face Merlin the magician appears in the base game, do not be afraid, as this wizard is simply modeled as a gift of money or a multiplier on an existing win for you! It is from the base game access to eight bonus games that make you the different stages of this epic adventure.

By locating the lost sword Excalibur into the Lake of Legends to pass through the Misty Vale facing the White Knight and storm the evil Morgana’s Keep, there are plenty of bombastic action to hold the job in motion, and of course, your bank account grow.

Fill six tasks, the seventh to land a fight against the Grail Guardian, the Black Knight. Defeat him and the Grail is up to you, along with a chance to win a lot of money right when the Wheels of Avalon pin for the large end up looking great price.

With spins from only 0.30 coins per spin and a jackpot of 2,400,000 coins, this is a 5-reel, 243 payline slot that can play all the brave knight, whatever their help.

Avalon II meets casinos in February this year, so why not see if you meet the challenge and join the quest?