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Why Online Roulette is a Better Bet for All


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OK, so you’re a fan of casino gaming, but you’re looking for something a little less expensive, a lot more accessible and just as secure as you would hope. Online gaming is the obvious choice. Since the iGaming industry came into its own back in 2003, an array of online poker and casino sites have evolved to offer a gaming experience that’s not only highly entertaining but, in many ways, better than live gaming.

For example, roulette from is designed to cater to players of all persuasions and that’s one of the main reasons the iGaming industry is now considered an equal to the live gaming arena. Indeed, the bulk of the games on offer will have betting limits that start from £1 per spin and reach as high as £100+ per spin. Also on offer inside online casinos such as Titan, Betfair or 32Red will be VIP tables with betting limits that can reach as high as £1,000 per spin.

Why is this important? Well, for many years it was assumed that online gaming was subordinate to live gaming. However, thanks to development and innovations, this isn’t the case anymore. So, with this in mind, what ways has iGaming evolved to become a medium that’s not only entertaining but, importantly, safe for modern players?

Betting Limits to Protect Players


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In the live casino world it’s always been the case that high rollers could bet as much as they liked in certain situations. While this is great for the players when they win, it’s also a dynamic that’s open to exploitation. Indeed, when there are no betting limits its theoretically possible for a casino patron to exploit the system and play for extremely high stakes before their ruse is exposed.

However, this isn’t possible in the online arena because of fixed betting limits. When you log into a platform, you’ll find that the top betting limits are often capped at a certain amount. The reason for this is twofold, it helps to protect you and the case. Imposing betting limits in games such as roulette means that the operator can limit its risk which, in turn, results in greater bonuses for its players.

Additionally, these betting limits help to ensure that you don’t spend more money than you can afford to lose. Although it doesn’t irradiate the problem, it certainly helps curb it. Moreover, because online betting sites allow you to ante-up for less than you could in a live casino (as little as $0.10 in some instances), it means you can actually have some fun without breaking the bank.

Online is Better than Live


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The other reason online sites are a better proposition for casino fans is the security provisions they have in place. Operators such as Betfair, 32Red and Full Tilt use software that is fully encrypted by a range of security protocols. Additionally, when you navigate to one of these sites you’ll notice their software is certified by third-party bodies such as eCOGRA.

These companies are independent and that means every time a player plays roulette online they are guaranteed a game that’s fair, safe and sheltered from the types of scams carried out by the men in Monte Carlo. In fact, without the seal of approval from the likes of eCOGRA, online casino operators won’t be granted a licence. Therefore, if you’re playing at a fully licensed site you can rest assured that everything is fair and above board.

Of course, when it comes to live venues such as the Grand Casino of Monte Carlo, technology (CCTV) allows them to apprehend the scammers and protect players. However, in contrast to online sites, these provisions pale in comparison and that’s the main reason online gaming is now a better bet for casino fans around the world.